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About Us

Magnet Inspiration & Growth- our partners in success


Our team members combine their decades of experience in management and consulting, to provide a sharp, accurate and valuable solution for the organizational needs.

Saar Pe'er Co-founder, speaker & trainer

Saar is an enthusiastic and creative trainer, facilitator and speaker, who has extensive experience in delivering various training programs in Israel and around the globe. Has a M.Sc. in Organizational Behavior from Tel Aviv University, and B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy from Haifa University. Defines himself as an integrator of knowledge and a meaning-maker.

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Iffat specializes in executive management development and leadership skills, with an impressive managerial record. Her profound understanding of organizational dynamics enables her to accommodate specific management needs with the most suitable solutions. Has a M.Sc. in Organizational Behavior, and B.A. in Psychology and Criminology. Iffat is the outgoing president of EO- entrepreneurs organization's chapter and holding a role at the European region.

יפעת בר-קול גרכט
Iffat Bar-Kol Grecht Co-founder, speaker & mentor
Pierre-Yves Hittelet Director of EMEA

Founder of the R-each Method®, Pierre-Yves has 10 years of experience as a manager and trainer in major corporations like Levi Strauss & co Europe, Sony, Mobistar, Proximus…and 15 years of research in the domain of psychology and coaching. Today, with his specific “act as if” methods, he coaches and support entrepreneurs and organizations to reach their full potential.

Pierre-Yves Hittelet
Lilach Brande Senior partner

Lilach is our expert in change management and most importantly- she walks the talk!

לילך ברנדה
Itay Tsur CEO of "Impact"

Itay has an extensive background as a leading sales consultant and a business trainer, he specializes in interpersonal communication for complex sales processes.

איתי צור
Iris Ulreich Master Trainer

Her extensive experience in leadership and management training her support participants in an informative, responsive and practical way

איריס אולרייך
Keith Parker Master Trainer

Keith has  extensive global experience in leadership and management skills training. A certified Insights®  trainer. He is a former sales and marketing manager and a head hunter.

Eldad Erel Master Trainer

Eldad is a charismatic and energetic instructor, an information systems engineer by training (graduated with honors from the Technion), and has 15 years of experience in managing engineering teams. For the past 20 years, he has been conducting leadership training workshops in the Navy as part of seafarers' courses, shore officers and advanced command courses. Facilitates and mentors managers on how to achieve exceptional results in their areas of responsibility and relationships in the organization.

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