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The Focus Challenge™

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Experiential learning

The ABC crucial behaviors implementation


In order to reach a goal,  participants  perform in teams. They become enthusiastic and engaged.


Analyze the behaviors that are crucial for success, and how they relate to real life.


Receive a toolkit to implement behaviors and patterns that are the most effective.





Opportunities for   FOCUS:



Global and local teams


Executive & Leadership



Strategic Work-Plan

Management session



And organizational events

We play it:

BIG: Can be facilitated with large audiences, up to 500 participants in one space!

INNOVATIVE: The game is facilitated via a digital platform that manages the participants performance


REMOTELY: The FOCUS challenge in its virtual global version, for different sites of the organization


Questions you may have

How many participants can participate in the Focus Challenge at the same time?

The challenge supports 10 to 400 participants simultaneously, since the activity is run by a designated computer system.

What does the activity look like?

The participants are divided into small teams, randomly selected or predetermined, and listen to the challenge story. In order to reach the desired achievement, they prepare to execute a sophisticated set of tasks. Here we go. The clock is ticking. They are working at full power.

What happens after the game?

Once the game is over, we will guide a discussion about the "traps" teams and the group as a whole fell into, team and group successes, and (most importantly) how those experiences relate to similar situations in the real life.

Central to this discussion are the following ideas:

Accountability-initiating solutions rather than responding, moving things forward, taking responsibility for tasks, etc.

Big picture mentality- perform in a multi tasking environment, long term vs short term mentality.

 Collaboration—managing partnerships, cooperation, influencing without authority, coming on board.

Wow, these are the exact issues that we are dealing with in our organization. How did you know?

We have developed the Focus Challenge out of our deep understanding and accumulated experience with the issues that managers and organizations face. This activity has been facilitated globally for more than 1000 groups , and we continue to develop and refine it regularly.

How long does the Focus Challenge take?

The minimum time required is 1.5 to 2 hours. During that time, we facilitate a shared experience, discuss it with participants, and provide participants a toolkit to improve their workplace experiences. In a half-day session we'll be able to go deeper and help participants further.

If you do choose to incorporate The FOCUS challenge is a part of our Organizational FOCUS program, it will serve as a great basis for executive development programs and annual organizational training programs.

What will our organization benefit from the Focus Challenge?

As a one-time experience (for example, in a large conference, or work plans), the Challenge provides an enjoyable shared experience that can (1) create personal and managerial insights about the organizational environment and (2) provide practical tools to further enhance that environment.

As a part of a process, the Focus challenge is a good foundation for applying desired crucial behaviors within the organization.

Why is the international nature of this challenge beneficial?

The Focus Challenge has been translated into different languages and has been used successfully at global conferences. It is a tool which helps organizations create a global standard of excellence in various locations around the world. We also have facilitators that speak local languages ​​if required.


Can the experience be customized so that it includes tasks that match our organization?

Yes, as mentioned, the challenge is managed by a computerized system, and the tasks can be easily adjusted.

Well, there is one more thing: Is there a chance that people within the workplace would choose not to cooperate ?

Having worked with more than 50,000 participants globally, we have not encountered such a phenomenon. The fun experience in small teams creates involvement and commitment to success.

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