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Executive Management Development

Executive Global Management Development

Occasionally, the development and growth of senior management is a courageous process.

A united, leading team is one of the most critical elements of an organization’s success, and yet, it is not the most common. Organizational politics, conflicts of interest, and disagreements sometimes cast a shadow on the unity of senior leadership.


Our experience is based on organizational research and cooperation with many diverse managements, and this is


what we will do with yours:

  1. Shared And Useful Experiences: We will use diversified tools and experiences, some of which we have developed ourselves, to create true insight, understanding, and unity. For example, games we have developed ourselves, such as The Focus Challenge™ or Lego Serious Play®, a unique organizational escape-room experience, and indoor-outdoor activities.

  2. Applicable Methodology: Our content is very integrative. We base ourselves on international methodology which draws its effectiveness not simply from diagnosing leadership, but mainly from offering tools to lead, influence, cooperate, recruit, and manage positive interactions and critical debates.

  3. Let’s Talk About It: We will create a shared context, in a different manner from what you are used to. We will touch on what is needed and together we will advance organizational and managerial goals, norms, and agreements.

  4. We Will Moderate With You: We will take all the behaviors, insights, and tools into the managerial space and apply it together on a day-to-day level.


The truth is, each management has its own characteristics, needs, and level of maturity. And so, first of all we will get to know you and your own unique challenges, and together we will create a courageous goal-oriented process, tailored to your needs, and focused on creating added value.

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