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Feedback and Review

Managing meaningful conversations

Feedback and Review


We’ve discovered that in many organizations:

  • Feedback and review is a tedious process for most executives and employees

  • Usually there is no organized procedure or tool for feedback and review

  • The review lacks authenticity

  • There is a trend to over-evaluate employees, which is expressed through the grading scale

  • There is no differentiation: it is hard to notice the exemplary employees from the rest of the working staff

How you will turn the review into:

  • An everyday, non-singular tool

  • A  truly managerial tool that enhances employees and pushes them towards their goals

  • A process that truly and positively affects the organization’s operations

  • A strategic tool for the organization and its management


The product of these encounters:

  • Developing a uniform language among the executives of the organization

  • Delivering managers tools to effect a correct employee review, to properly touch base, with a wide and long-term perspective, with minimum divergence

  • Preparing managers for the review process, but also to develop skills for reviewing as a continuous and effective tool to enhance performance

In the workshop you will find innovative research-based models,

and learning based on simulations and real dilemmas of managers.

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