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Management Development

Needs discovery

Excellent course begins with accurate diagnosis verifies that: 

The process we have built is exactly what your stakeholders need

We understand in depth your language and organizational contests 


Developing new skills:

Each meeting includes

Content -Interesting, innovative & valuable 

Peer learning- dealing with real dilemmas and challenges 

Gamification- for meaningful experimental learning

Senior managers  are involved in the process


The day after

Create a peer group which is managed by internal resources

Follow-up meetings as needed


Magnet for managers- our unique offer

Innovative knowledge: We create applicable meaning to the unique content

Managerial experience- Our trainer’s managerial experience has a great added value 

Your reality-The training is based on your organizational challenges

Richness in styles-Exposure to variety of trainers enriches the managerial experience

Experimental learning- Brain bypasses learning through gamification

The day after- Help you to stay in a progress when the process ends

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