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The Focus™ Challenge

A smart game that improves work interfaces

in a task-oriented environment

Professional skills are an important  part of success, but in order to create meaningful and  groundbreaking achievements we need to develop a high level of communication and  influencing skills, an ability to focus, and social intelligence

Focus™ is a smart and experiential game that makes it possible to obtain insights which override the intellect and allow us to…

  • Identify our personal behavioral/work patterns and those of the people around us

  • Identify our skills and strengths, and  also  the “traps” that we tend to fall into

  • Adopt new and more effective patterns, suited to our individual style.

Picture this scene:

Participants are divided into teams and must carry out tasks, winning points for reaching their target in a given time.

It will be difficult to succeed without…

  • Planning and intelligent prioritization

  • Adopting a "big picture" perspective

  • Successful communication

  • Collaboration between individuals and teams

  • Initiative, being proactive and determination


Lego Serious Play ®

The Lego Serious Play® method is a moderated approach to communication, thinking, and complex problem-solving as a team. The participants are moderated through a series of challenging questions; each participant constructs his response as a Lego model, using only those blocks which were meticulously chosen for thematic reasons.

These models serve as the base for a group discussion, sharing of knowledge, problem solving, and decision making.


Where do the LSP® workshops create value?


  • Strategic Planning

  • Product Innovation

  • Team building or organization restructuring

  • Identifying client needs

  • Rebooting projects

  • Brainstorming and problem solving

The Matrix™ Challenge


A challenging exercise wherein participants must meet goals by delegating and recruiting others without formal authority.

Each group has a secret matrix, which contains specific information. In order to maximize their profit, the team requires access to information which the other groups hold.

How do we receive the assistance that we require from others?

How do we recruit employees that are already inundated with tasks?

How do we face others who need assistance from those same employees?

The game is moderated in an engaging way by a computer.

Participants use their smartphones or personal computers.

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